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Music Streaming Bot
Music Streaming Bot
This is a bot designed to assist consumers with a music streaming service. The user can find music and information about pricing and plans for subscription. As well, this bot allows users to stream music radio stations. This bot uses commands to play music and requires the embed webpage has code to receive the command and stream the music. For an example see, Additional music stations can be found here:
別名: @musicstreamingbot
カテゴリ: Misc, Demo, Business
Tags: music
作成した: Dec 18 2020, by: admin
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Scheduler Bot
Scheduler Bot
The scheduler bot is an example bot that can schedule and book appointments using Google Calendar. You can create your own scheduler bot by importing the Book Appointment script,
別名: @Scheduler Bot
カテゴリ: Misc, Demo
Tags: appointments, calendar, business, scheduler, examples, demo
作成した: Nov 2 2016, by: admin
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