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Packages that use AvatarConfig

Uses of AvatarConfig in org.botlibre.sdk

Methods in org.botlibre.sdk that return types with arguments of type AvatarConfig
 java.util.List<AvatarConfig> SDKConnection.getAvatars(InstanceConfig config)
          Return the avatars for the bot instances.
 java.util.List<AvatarConfig> SDKConnection.getSharedAvatars()
          Return the shared avatar images for the server.

Methods in org.botlibre.sdk with parameters of type AvatarConfig
 void SDKConnection.addSharedAvatar(AvatarConfig config)
          Add the shared avatar to the bot's avatars.
 void SDKConnection.deleteAvatar(AvatarConfig config)
          Delete the avatar from the bot.
 void SDKConnection.tagAvatar(AvatarConfig config)
          Tag the avatar with the emotions.

Uses of AvatarConfig in org.botlibre.sdk.activity

Fields in org.botlibre.sdk.activity with type parameters of type AvatarConfig
static java.util.List<AvatarConfig> MainActivity.avatars
static java.util.List<AvatarConfig> MainActivity.sharedAvatars

Constructor parameters in org.botlibre.sdk.activity with type arguments of type AvatarConfig
AvatarsListAdapter( activity, int resourceId, java.util.List<AvatarConfig> items)

Uses of AvatarConfig in org.botlibre.sdk.activity.actions

Constructors in org.botlibre.sdk.activity.actions with parameters of type AvatarConfig
HttpAddSharedAvatarAction( activity, AvatarConfig config)
HttpDeleteAvatarAction( activity, AvatarConfig config)
HttpTagAvatarAction( activity, AvatarConfig config)