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This Self script can be used to access the GPT-3 API from Open AI.
GTP-3 is a text generative LLM (large language model), and has been train on a large set of multi language text and and responds to many types of questions and queries.

This script requires that you enter your Open AI Playground API key.

Language: Self
別名: @gpt-3
カテゴリ: Self
タグ: open ai, deep learning, gpt-3, artificial intelligence, ai, self, text generation, llm, gpt
GPT-3 is a LLM model trained and owned by Open AI.
Usage of the Open AI API is subject to Open AI terms,

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ライセンス: Public Domain
作成した: Jan 17 2023
作成者: admin : 送信メッセージ
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